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Mr. KWOK has 36 years law enforcement experience, with 27 years practical anti-corruption experience with the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

Mr. KWOK joined the ICAC as an Investigator shortly after its inception in 1975, after having served nine years with the Hong Kong Customs. He was promoted through a number of ranks to become the first local officer to be appointed as the Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations in 1996 and had successfully led the Operations Department of ICAC through the historical milestone of the Reunification of Hong Kong with the Mainland China in 1997. He retired in October 2002.

In 1986, he led a joint ICAC/Police Task Force with 30 officers to investigate the collapse of the third largest local bank in Hong Kong, which involves a loss of HK$3 billion (US$385M). This investigation was successfully concluded in 16 months, resulting in five convictions, including the extradition of two persons from the United States. He was subsequently awarded a Governor Commendation for his leadership and professional ability.

Mr. KWOK obtained a Diploma in Management Studies and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) following completion of part-time evening courses at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and City University respectively. He attended a number of residential police management courses in the UK, including the prestigious six months Senor Command Course at the Police Staff College at Bramshill. He also attended a six-week China Studies Course at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. He has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Management in England since 1990 and has been a Fellow of the Institute since December 1994 (FCMI).

Since his retirement in 2002 he has been invited to many countries to provide professional advice, lectures, and to conduct anti-corruption seminars and workshops. Countries that he has accepted invitation to visit include the Philippines, Brunei, Japan (United Nations Asia & Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime - UNAFEI), South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mauritius, Nigeria, Georgia , Macau and Mainland China. He is appointed as the Anti-corruption Advisor to the Government of the Philippines, Visiting Professor of the National Prosecutors College in PRC, the Visiting Expert of UNAFEI, Member of the Advisory Board of Chinese Legal Studies Association of North America and the Board of International Advisors of TIRI.

During his ICAC career and after his retirement, he is often invited to deliver speeches at prestigious international anti-corruption forums, including the Asian Organized Crime Conference in San Francisco, USA in 1991, the 7th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Beijing in 1995, the 3rd International Financial Fraud Convention in London in 1998, the International Seminar on Prevention of Economic Crimes in Shanghai in 1999, , the 2nd Global Forum on Fighting Corruption in Hague in 2002, The LawAsia Conference in Tokyo in 2003, the United Nations Conference on Crime Prevention in Bangkok in 2005 and the United Nations Expert Workshop in Turin in 2006

In Hong Kong, he assisted the Hong Kong University in designing the world’s first International Postgraduate Certificate Course in Corruption Studies and he is the Adjunct Professor and Honorary Course Director. In the three courses organized since 2003, 76 participants from 16 countries, mainly senior officials from anti-corruption commissions, have attended this course. He is also the Immediate Past Chairman of the Chartered Management Institute, Hong Kong Branch and the Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong Squash.

His successful experience in fighting corruption was carried in many feature articles of international newspapers, including the International Herard Tribute, AFP, Financial Times London and the South China Morning Post. . He has set up his own homepage to share his experience through publication of his writings, speeches and media interviews.

Mr. KWOK is married with three daughters. He enjoys Taichi, scuba diving and squash.

In the Hong Kong National Day Honour List, Mr. KWOK was awarded the ICAC Distinguished Service Medal (IDS) by the Chief Executive in 1998 and the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in 2002, in recognition of his contribution to the success of ICAC in the fight against corruption in Hong Kong.

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